Botox treatments: the simple way to banish wrinkles

The stresses of modern living and everyday activities like smiling, chewing, squinting and frowning have a habit of showing themselves on our faces. Frown lines, crows’ feet and depressed mouth lines can make us look tired, worn out and even angry.

Help is at hand. Botox is a prescriptive treatment that reduces wrinkles and lines and gives you a natural, relaxed look. So you’ll get that post holiday glow - without having to go on holiday.

Botox can also reduce excessive sweating, and it’s also thought to help with depression too.

In safe hands

Botox is injected into the muscles on the forehead, between the brows, round the eyes and the chin, so the muscle activity that causes lines to form is reduced. It leaves you smoother, firmer skin and lots of complements about how wonderful you look.

All Botox treatments are carried out by experienced dermatologist and Botox expert, Dr Bela Horvath. His appreciative patients know Dr Bela as ‘Doctor of the natural look’ due to his careful and skilled Botox application. It means you’ll never have that frozen, unnatural look favoured by some unqualified beauticians

Your Botox treatment

The treatment begins with a complimentary consultation, where Dr Bela studies your face and looks at how you smile, how you frown and how your muscles move. Once you’ve completed a questionnaire, he talks to you about your skincare regime, your lifestyle and what you consider your problem areas. Then you receive a personalised treatment plan including the results you can expect, how many visits you need and the costs involved.

Feel free to go away and think about your treatment. You don’t have to have your Botox procedure there and then.

Once you decide to proceed with the Botox treatment, we ask you to fill out consent forms, and then take pictures so you can see how you look ‘before’ and ‘after.’ He will give you a full body check up too and look at your skin for unusual moles.

Next, Dr Bela uses antiseptic cleanser to remove any make-up from the area to be treated. (You won’t be able to wear make-up for 24 hours afterwards on the treated area, so please bear this in mind if you have to go to work or a function.)

Then Dr Bela safely performs your Botox injections in the relaxing surroundings of the Harley Clinic. No anaesthetic is required and the treatment is practically painless. All you feel is a slightly scratch or tiny pinch. Occasionally there may be a tiny spot of bruising but this is rare.

After your Botox treatment

For the next 24 hours, please avoid wearing make-up on the treated areas, and refrain from exercising (gym, running, yoga). For the next five hours, don’t lean over or lie down, or rub or touch the treated area.

Two weeks after your treatment, you need to come back in for a check-up. At this stage we can do a top-up if needed.

It will be about three days before you see the results of your Botox treatment and the affect will last three to five months.

Prices for Botox treatment

One area
£ 200
£ 480
Two areas
£ 260
£ 624
Three areas
£ 320
£ 768
Additional areas
£ 60
£ 144
Armpits (for excessive sweating)
£ 200
(per armpit)
£ 480