Advanced therapy for your skin

Healthy skin is smooth, firm, evenly toned and hydrated. But genetics, lifestyle and problems such as acne, pigmentation and rosacea can all have a detrimental effect on our skin and how we look and feel.

The good news? With new advances in skin treatments including biotechnology complexes and plant stem cell components, the beautiful, bright, younger-looking complexion you’ve always wanted is now possible.

In good hands

All our skincare treatments are carried out by well-known dermatologist Dr Bela Horvath. Dr Bela uses Retinol (vitamin A) based ZO products, which are formulated by Dr Zein Obagi, the legendary dermatologist who has spent 30 years developing skincare treatments that create truly healthy skin.

ZO Medical is a range of prescriptive products containing essential active ingredients that help skin disorders including pigmentation, acne and other chronic conditions. While ZO Skin Health is a range of everyday skin care products that have been created to maintain therapeutic results or healthy skin, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

About your skincare treatment

Your journey to beautiful skin begins with a 15 complimentary consultation where Dr Bela asks you questions about your lifestyle, diet, skin history and cleansing regime.

Next he will recommend a personalised skin care programme using a combination of the ZO Skin Health or ZO Medical products depending on your skin type.


15 minute consultation
£ 100
Assessment and treatment
£ 130
Follow up session
£ 150
£ 200